Turgut alp axe museum

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Who knew that one TV show could enlighten us in so many ways!

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As the Muslim world is sucked into the hysteria of Ertugrul and similar Ottoman dramas, its crucial that we uncover what is historical fact, and what is purely for entertainment purposes, if we want to truly benefit from the history of the Ottoman period.

But at the same time instead of creating fictional heroes, lets celebrate the truth in the history and appreciate our heroes for what they ACTUALLY did. I have collated information from various Turkish sources and posts on social media with references from emerging information about the many valiant characters that we have grown to love from this TV series.

This is not a complete account of their lives, but I have included the information that is historically proven. InshaAllah as more translations come to light we can piece together more about their lives. Ertugrul is the father of Osman. With the small part of Kayi tribe, Ertugurl with only tents, went on the challenging path toward the West and made foundation for one of the greatest empires.

His love and respect for his wife was widely known. He had four sons with Halime Sultan, and he died at 90 years old. The last ten years of his life were spent quietly in his tribe, when due to the old age, he transferred all his responsibilities to his youngest son Osman.

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Despite this Engin considers it a great privilege to play Ertugrul as he was the first person in Turkish history to move away from the nomadic lifestyle and look to establish a state that went onto last years. We do know he was buried in Sogut in The ones that were not buried there, died along the way. Osman is known as the father of the Ottoman Empire as from his Beylik principality the expansion of the Ottoman territory began. In the history books you will often see Ottoman rule referred to as the Osmanli dynasty.

Osman came very late to his parents. When Osman was born,Ertugrul was around 67 years old, and as Halime was older too, when normally women cannot have children anymore, he was considered as a Miracle sent by God. They lived a quiet and unremarkable life, not much is known or written about them. There are only verbal accounts, which were told by people through generations.

But history documents him as a weak personality and he made a lot of mistakes and throughout his long life. He was one of the greatest and most renown warriors in Turkish history, a blood-brother to Ertugrul and his best follower and supporter, a very smart and capable man. He lived an unusually long life, even for our time. He outlived Erugrul Bey by 35 years, and he was killed in a battle, with his legendary battle-axe in his hand aged years old! After Ertugrul passed away, Turgut become the main support to Osman, and when Osman established his Sultanate he rewarded Turgut with the highest position, as a Governor of the new State.

He was a fierce warrior, goodhearted and very funny man.Turgut Alp born c. The grave outside the Ertugrul Gazi's mausoleum is an honorary grave, not the real resting place. Induring the Russo-Turkish Wara city was founded and named " Turgutalp " after him in the then- Ottoman Empire by Muslim people who'd lived in what is now known as Bulgaria.

The settlement was named as Turgutalp upon the suggestion of the sultan. Inthe settlement was declared a seat of township. Major economic sector of the town is agriculture.

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The main crops are tobacco, cotton, olive, tomato and wheat. Some town residents work in the power plant and coal mine of Soma. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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The Real History of Ertugrul

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Waves of techno-cultural innovation are melding arts [ Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Feel like Ottoman princess… new season caftan dress.As a huge fan, I decided to find out more about the individuals featured in the series and visit their tombs in Turkey.

The Real History of Ertugrul

Early in the thirteen century, it is thought that he led his tribe in fleeing the region to avoid the violence of the Mongol invasions, but drowned crossing the Euphrates into Syria. In his time, the Byzantines and the Seljuks were two of the major competing powers, vying for control of Anatolia, as well as the Mongols.

turgut alp axe museum

As there are few contemporary source materials concerning this period, and conflicting accounts written in a later period, there is no way to verify the accuracy of this version of events. Stories about their lives and struggles were passed down orally, or through references in the writings of their contemporaries.

For this reason, it is difficult for historians to verify the facts from legend. And as far as the TV series is concerned, artistic license also has to be taken into consideration. Aside from Ertugrul himself, the tombs of his wife Halima, his younger brother Dundar Bey and Samsa Alp are located close by.

I set off from Istanbul at 8am and returned at 8pm. It is best to travel by car. There are tour guides available to hire who will take you to all of the tombs. I went with mdvipturizm — contact him on Instagram to go on the same tour I did.

Please note Sacred Footsteps do not organise these tours. The mausoleum of Ertugrul Gazi is said to have originally been built by his son and successor Osman I, however it was rebuilt several times thereafter. The current structure, with its hexagonal plan, was constructed by Sultan Abdul Hamid II in the late 19 th century.

There is also an honorary grave for Turgut Alp; his actual grave, as we shall see, is located in Inegol. The mausoleum is usually open between 9am and 5pm. Turgut Alp was considered a great warrior, and was a close confidant of Ertugrul, and later his successor, Osman I. After establishing his sultanate, Osman Gazi named Turgut Alp as one of his governors over a territory called Inegol, and its surrounding areas.

This state would continue to grow and after the conquest of Constantinople in be officially known as the Ottoman Empire. Like his father however, reliable information about him is scarce. Osman Gazi passed away in during the siege of Bursa, a town in modern day Turkey.Turgut was one of the early Gazis on the side of Ertugrul Bey r. The tradition of battle axe in the Osmanli Army was popularised by Turgut Alp.

Some Sufi order also used an ornamental axe as its symbol of their lodges. It denotes might and power. Turgut's axe in Season 1 was found in the battefield and Karatoygar traced it back to the Kayi Oba. It is said that he continued to be on the side of Osman Bey as he outlived his legendary blood brother.

A Guide to Visiting Ertuğrul: What You Need To Know (UPDATED)

In Oguz Tradition, 2 or more young Alps will cut the flat of their thumbs and press it tight on their trusted friend thumb in symbolic act of mixing their blood. Afterwards they made a vow to Allah swt and to each other. Two or more Alps can do this at any moment usually after surviving the same hardships together. By doing this Tradition they treat each other as if they are brothers from the same mother, while they can still marry in each family.

This tradition is helpful in gaining new alliances in the hard life of the nomadic Central Steppes. Yet, he still choose to be fight in the 'Path of Gazi' with his legendary battle axe against Byzantium even at an age of over years. Jump to.

turgut alp axe museum

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turgut alp axe museum

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You Should Listen - Turgut Alp & Bamsı Beyrek Reading poetry on Anniversary of Istanbul's Conquest

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But at the middle of 19th century Turkish swords has lost its importance except among soldiers. Today online Ottoman swords are used for souvenirs and piece of arts which are a heirloom from the past.In addition to this claim, the name is mentioned due to various military activities in some Byzantine sources besides the first Ottoman chronicles. The word Alp in its name is a title.

This title indicates that he or his father had a liveliness in the service of the Seljuk State. It is known that Turgut Alp was alive in but was quite old. This naming has disappeared since the 16th century. If you want to order a turgut alp ax follow this link. According to the rumors in the first Ottoman sources, Turgut Alp was with Osman Bey and participated in the acquisition of Yarhisar and was then commissioned with the conquest of Inegol.

In the sources, it is mentioned that Turgut Alp was surrounded by the city and Osman Bey came to the aid. Receiving the news that Orhan Bey came, the judge of Atranos fell from a rock while dying from the fortress and the castle was easily captured. At the same time, the acquisition of Atranos facilitated the conquest of Bursa. Your email address will not be published. Remember me Log in. Lost your password?

Who is Turgut Alp

Here is the biography of Turgut Alp t is claimed that Turgut Alp, who has little information about his life, is not a historical figure, but a legendary person who appeared in folk narrations. It is produced using real wood and real steel. Anzer Honey And Its Benefits. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. WhatsApp us.